Come Sip Up, It's Time for Hands (2016)

by Sean Patrick Sullivan

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released January 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Sean Patrick Sullivan Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Outta My Reach
You're always outta my reach
every time i'm at your feet
you tell me, i'm not good enough
losing you
I'm only afraid of whats next
I only care for everything you do and say
I know
baby I know
It's everything you do to me
it's everything you say to me
you are outta my reach honey
you are outta my reach baby
Track Name: Rest Yur Head
If you need to rest yur head
I'll be there for you in the end
If you find yourself all alone
I'll be there for when you lay down, lay down your head
If you fall asleep next to me
Be sure you be nice
to me
when you leave
If its for a while now
I Can tell just how much you mean to me
Darling don't you know
that I've been alone
Darling don't you know
that we're home
Track Name: Untitled
I didn't want to make you cry
But I Couldn't resist the thought of it
I lay here and I hope to die
If you don't want to be with me
I'm sorry if I ever cared, I'm sorry you feel this way
I didn't want to make you cry, but I couldn't resist the thought of it
In the day, In the day I waste you & your time
Never ever want to change
Where have you been?
Track Name: Now or Never
Maybe I'm Not So
Broken Up About
Seeing You
Being Around You

Once a Boy
Now or Never
We Destroy
What We Had Together
Now We Know
When We Are
Far Apart, Far Apart

And I Hang On To You
Know'n That We Are
Together and Through

And I Know That We Can Always Be
And I Know That We Can Never Be
Track Name: Pride creates Hate
I'm Blind and I Can See
I am the one
that you love to meet
and I know that it gonna end
and i know it will always end
and now I'm afraid
of what comes next
as i walk through the valley
i am the one
surrounded by you
Oh pride creates hate
it's what you neglect and take
and I, I am the one, oh i am 1000 sons
that you cling to
i know that time will tell
time will
will tell
Track Name: Sunshine
Oh You're My Sunshine
That Peaks Through the Blinds
And You're My Everything
That Grips Me To The Core
Why Do You Ignore
What I Say
It's Late, Now I Know
It's Got To Change
Before I Go
Track Name: All the drugs that you took, took you
Why don't we talk anymore
I guess the drugs chose you and it's over now
Why don't we hang out
I guess the drugs were better than me and I'm not so bright
I guess weren't so tight
Why don't you come around anymore
I guess the drugs were better than me
I guess your new friends were better than me
Where have you been
My old friend
Where have you been
My old friend
Why don't we talk no more
I Guess the drugs were better then
As you lay down in the ground
I wish things were different then
Why don't we speak no more
I wish could talk again
I wish you could change your ways
Where have you been
My old friend
Track Name: Mind, Mine, & Yours
I will never understand
your mind is mine
your mind is mine
my mind is yours
baby i'm yours
I will never understand you
My fears wrap my mind
i'm afraid i will never shine
and when i'm with you
you make me feel like
I'm one of a kind
we can be together
Track Name: I'm a Fool
Dunno what happened in middle school
but I lost all my confidence
been afraid of girls until the 12th grade
that was when I met you
an I'm a fool for love
I'm a sucker for anyone
I'm a fool for loving you
and I treated you like dirt
Oh how I've been the smarter one
and I treated you like you some sort of meat
and I know where I've gone wrong
I'm a fool (for love)
I'm a fool for anyone
Track Name: Too Young
Takes alot to know when to stop
You are too young
I know this wont work
what do you want me to do?
I wont take advantage of you
and I know and I know I
Let this go on for long
You're only a teenager and i'm almost twenty two
where should I leave you?
where should I leave you alone?
I let this go on for too long
Oh I've been a stranger to myself for so long
I been a criminal to myself and I've done you wrong
Oh I, led you on
Track Name: Come Sip Up, It's Time For Hands
It's the plague that plagues the valley
It's the home I know I call it, it is
Everything I want in you
and It lives in me too
Come Sip Up It's Time For Hands Kid
Come Sip It's Time For Me
And I Will Be
I Will Be Happy
I Will Be Happy
I Will Find Happiness
I Will Find Happiness
I Will Find Happiness
I will find happiness
It's Time For Hands Kid