More Demos From The Bedroom (2013)

by Sean Patrick Sullivan

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No Shows, No Friends, & No Love


released January 1, 2013

Another Set of Demos



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Sean Patrick Sullivan Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Crosseyed & Painful
Hey, Hey, Hey, You
I Lost My Shape
Trying To Act Casual
It Worked For Most Of Us
But We Remembered
How We Used To Be Wonderful
Track Name: Longer School Days
Well I've Been Thinking About
Longer School Days
So I Have More Time In Class To Check You Out
Longer School Days
Well The Teachers a Bitch
But I Don't Care At All
I Guess He's Alright If He Let's Me Sit Next to You

Well I've Been Thinking About
Track Name: Going Down The Water
Going Down The Water
And It Makes Me Feel Thin
Ain't Right For You To Think
You're Better Than Anyone
How Does It Make Me Feel To Know
You're Moving On
Wouldn't It Be Nice to Know
That You're Dead
Going Down The Water
I Bet You Feel Thin
Ain't It Nice To Know
That I'm Moving On
Going Down The Water
Track Name: I Just Want To Know
I Just Want To Know
When You're Going Away
From Here
Because The Times Alright
For Me
I Just Want To Know
When You're Going Away
From Here
And I Just Want To Know When You're Going From Here
Oo Apah Oo Apah
Track Name: Drive Me Home
None Of Your Friends Like The Water
They Consume
Everyone Grows Up Someday, I Know I Won't Grow Up Now
But I Know, Things Will Get Better Soon
Who's to Say I Should Get A Job
Maybe It's You
I Don't Need No School, No Food, No Service
I Just Need Everything From You
(Yes, It's True)
Track Name: Squeeze Your Head Straight
You Cut Me With Your Razor Thin
Oh Your Razor Thin
You Cut Me With Your Razor Thin
Oh I'm Razor Thin
Squeeze Your Head Straight
Cuz You Can't Be Anything Other
Except For Your Brother
Your Mother
And Your Father
Squeeze My Head Straight
Track Name: Talia Santos & Sean Patrick Sullivan - Murmur
You Don't Need Anyone
To Make You Feel Simple
You Don't Need Any Friends
To Make You An Equal,To Me
Track Name: Inbred
You Can Tell Me
All The Things You Want To Say
Because I Can Go On
Cause I Can Go On
I Can Go On
On With The

If It Doesn't Even Matter To Me
Why Do I Care?
If You're Never Going To Talk To Me
Why You Still Here?
And I Waste Down
Yes I Waste Down Inside
Track Name: Darling
Darling, You Are My World
You Are My Everything
I Wish You Were My Girl
But The Way
The World Works Is Insane
And I'm Stuck With Nothing
Without You
And You Know
Everyone Changes
I'm One Of Those Examples
Of One Thing
That's Always Changing
Track Name: No Friends, No Shows, No Fun
We Don't Care
As We Grow
Need No Jobs
Need No Friends

I Hate