Seeing You, Seeing Me (2014)

by Sean Patrick Sullivan

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released October 19, 2014



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Sean Patrick Sullivan Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Xoxo
One day this will all blow over
and that'll be the day that you go back
you go back to me
go home you'll go home to me
why don't you go home?
are you steppin' out to me?
Track Name: In the Woods
Hang on to your problems
Your problems won't stop me
You trust nothing
No one will bring you
And your boys, aren't your boys
Everything is going to go south
It hasn't rained in a long time

You can't go
and everyone you know
You can't go
and everyone you care for
will lose you along the way

I'll sing it in the woods
I'll be singing in the woods
Track Name: Dream Girls
Is that any way to talk to a girl?
No, No
And We Can Go Out Tonight
And I Will Make You Feel Better, Better, Better
Than All The Other Boys Do
You Make Me Feel So Pink
Till' I Know
I Won't Want Anyone Else But You
In My Life
My Little Little Life
In My Life My Little Little Life
Track Name: Old Friends
and I hurt down inside
you're my old friend
and you move in shapes
i can't even relate to
i don't know
da da da da da
and i change
and i can't go with you
you're moving
and i can't even begin to say
that I miss you
da da da da da
don't wanna be alone
don't wanna be alone
my old friend
till we meet again
sounds of time
we step out
begin to take
from another
and i take from you
and you take from me
Track Name: Bends
and I'm gonna waste-(ing) away
are they really your friends
I don't think so, no not at all
you can take me down
we can take, you round
the bends of time
many more, each time
taking, away
we can waste away
in the bends
walking away
in the bends
we stay
Track Name: Silly Love
I've come this far and I now I can make it
I've got a broken heart and you can't break a broken heart
I come knocking at your door
You don't love me anymore
But I just can't give up
'Cause I don't know what to do about it

You must be wrong if you think you don't love me
You could smile down on and put an happy ending to my
I come knocking at your door
You don't live there anymore
Is it just a memory
Or am I a little crazy for you

If there's no love I just can't believe it
I've got a broken mind and only you can relieve it
I don't remember who you are
Are you someone that I saw
'Cause I really am confused
But I think that I still love you