Skinning The Ones You Love (2013)

by Sean Patrick Sullivan

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A Collection of Songs Made During And Around The Month of March Nearing The End of Youth and Everything Else In Between.

Dedicated to Friends, Loved Ones, Inspirations & Everything Among Them.


released March 23, 2013

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Sean Patrick Sullivan Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Frozen Yogurt
Sometimes When I'm Alone
I Think Of You
And It Makes Me Feel So
And I Can't But I Will Not
And I Will But I Can't Stop
Sometimes When You're Awake
I Look At You
From Your Windowsill
You Are So Still
I Think You Need The Devil In Your Life
Because You Know Your Father Was Always Right
And You're Only Growing Old
Thats All You're Ever Told
Thats All I'm Ever Told
Track Name: Cheap Food/Cheap Friends
I Don't Want To Wait
For Anyone
Anyone To Hold Me So
Low, Low
In The Morning I Wake
Home Alone And I Can't Feel The Same
And If I Fuck With You
That Means I Fucked With Me
And If I Get Back At You
That Means You Get Back At Me
Oh Noo
Track Name: thirteen
(Why Dont You Stay For Supper)
(I Can Hurt You)
(Linger Your Face)
"Won't You Meet Me At The Pool"
Track Name: Gay River
You Can No Longer
Mess With Me
Cuz I Know
You're Away From My Head
Oh What A Relief
It Is To Be Free
From The Wondrous Years Of My Life
Gone By
And I Know
I'll Be Younger
Than My Friends
Oh What It Is Great To Be Near The End (Of Youth)
So Happy, So Free, For Me
Track Name: Keep Ya Head Up
You say, You Can Be Anything
But You Know You're Wrong
And You Go
Trying To Hold Your Head Up High
Right Into the Sky, You Fail
And You'll Never Know, Better
You Can Go Forever
Nevermore, You're Never,
Home Together, With Me
You say, Speaking So Thin
Like I Could Say, You Start To Begin
No Way
Track Name: Complications
When You Talk Too Much
You Think You Know You Know
Everything, But You Don't, Know
Anything More Than Me

Love, Oh Oh
Love Is More Complicated Than You Know
So Don't Fuck Around With Me
Don't Fuck Around With Me
Track Name: Spanish Blood
It Ain't No Fun To Hang Around With Me No More
Oh I Know
Got Cursed With Spanish Blood I Love It More Than
You Could Know

(Lets Start Where I Left Off)
(I Can't Feel It)
(The Way You Think At All)
(I Can't, I Can't Connect)
(To You)
(Leave Me Alone)

This Is The Part Where I Let Go
(I Can Give You, Everything You Could Ever Want)
Track Name: Skinning Your Friends
Dah Dah Dah, Dah Dah Dah
Skinning Your Friends
Funnest Thing You'll Ever Do
(Trust Me)
Ain't Nothing Wrong With You
Ain't Nothing Wrong With Me
So Lets Have Some Fun
While We Can
And I'll Drown You In The Sea
Where You Going To Go If You Never Know
I Don't Really Care If You Never Know
No Work, No Fun, For Me
No You Or Me
No Us And We'll Be
Track Name: The Wonderful Years (Call Me Home)
We'll Burn Up In Flames
Around This Wicked World
The Wonderful Years Of Our Life Goes Away
We'll Stay As We Were (Useless)
I'll Eat Your Skin
I'll Eat Your Bones
Fill Your Body Up With Air
So I Can Call You Home
They Say Love Shows When You Need It The Most
But I'm All Alone
I Don't Need No Food, No Job, No Car, Or A House
I Just Need You To Call Me Home
Track Name: Old Friend (Outro)
where have you been
my old friend
i don't want to be alone
don't want to be alone
don't want to be alone
oh, where have you been
my old friend